Academy of Fixed Orthodontics (AFO) is a research and continuing education organization started by Dr.Ravi Kumar in 2004 to promote fixed orthodontics education and popularize his Realistic Treatment PhilosophyTM.

AFO conducts Labial to Lingual Orthodontics courses for the general and specialist dentists. We have online self-starter courses, Classroom training seminars and clinical handson classes in Orthodontics. AFO Course participants get 5 Years of Free Post-Course Mentoring for all their running and new orthodontics cases!


3 days Level I Orthodontics training course in Miami from February 18th to 20th and September 16th to 18th, 2017.

5 days Level I & II Straight Wire Orthodontics Demystified course in New York from June 23rd to 27th and December 1st to 5th, 2017.

Learn Labial 2 Lingual orthodontics through our Post Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics for GP's. Click here to know more.
Outstation participants please contact us to book discounted sleeping rooms at the hotel. Course Fee 2000 USD. Click on the PayPal button below to pay 1000 USD to book your seat and pay the balance at the course venue. Download the course syllabus here. If you are already practicing orthodontics, you can order the Course Manual (Handbook) and Lecture & Practice Videos alone to use as reference materials! Contact AFO Course Coordinator (North America) Ms Benardina Radi, Cell: 917-580-1180 or Email:

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Ms Benardina Radi
AFO Course Coordinator (North America)
Cell: 917-580-1180